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Warren Buffett On Barack Obama: Download the Complete Transcript


A few days before Barack Obama's inauguration, Warren Buffett sat down with NBC's Tom Brokaw to share his thoughts about the incoming President of the United States.

Buffett, who had supported Obama's run for the White House, told Brokaw that Obama is the right leader for the nation's economy right now, but warned against expecting short-term miracles.

They also covered many other subjects, including Obama's leadership style, excessive executive compensation, the challenges facing Detroit's automakers, China, and the role of greed in good times and bad.

Excerpts from the interview aired on Sunday night. 

Download the Complete Transcript of Warren Buffett's Dateline NBC Interview

CNBC.com has published a transcript and video clips of the complete conversation between Buffett and Brokaw.

Now, we have prepared a PDF of that transcript for downloading.

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