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Forget Timing, Buy Blue Chips: Strategist

Now is a good time to be investing in U.S. stocks over a longer-term horizon, John Haynes, equity strategist at Rensburg Sheppards told CNBC Tuesday.

A global fund with blue chip growth capacity is the best place to be three to five years out, Haynes said.

“Investment isn’t a twelve-month attempt to second guess the psychology of other investors," he said.

"Investment is about buying a piece of a company and helping it to grow with the capital you dedicate to it, so that’s a three- to five-year horizon."

With President Barack Obama's administration beginning, sectors benefiting the most will be consumer-related sectors, while utilities and telecommunications will suffer the most, Haynes added.

An improvement in the bond market "is a necessary but not sufficient condition for the rest of the equity market to improve," but it is a decent place to start, he said.