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Stock Tips: Think Long-Range, Buy Telecoms

Andrew Fisher

RDM Financial Group's Ron Weiner has two important guideposts in his investment strategy: Think long-range, and consider telecoms.

"If you've got a three-month outlook, everything's scary; if you've got a three-year outlook, everything's cheap," he told CNBC.

And he offered a few more guidelines: "High yields (get paid while you wait); mostly U.S.; have about 20 percent in cash; buy on dips; stay away from foreign small-cap, mid-cap; and short Treasurys," he said.


Now, about those telecoms:

"AT&T reaffirmed their dividend again; I have no idea what three months is going to yield for us, but I want to get paid while I'm waiting," he noted. "Verizon, still growing, taking market share, doing well."

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Disclosure information for Ron Weiner was not immediately available.