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Which Companies Might Win Big On Super Sunday?

2009 Superbowl

With the big game just around the corner, who are some of the companies that are primed for big business on the back of Super Sunday?

1) HDTV and the Super Bowl - For 3 years running, the Super Bowl has been the top driver for HDTV sales.

Super Bowl XLIII in HD:
Last year, 2.4M high-definition televisions were forecast to be purchased for the Super Bowl, generating over $2.2B in 2008 sales according to the "Sports and Technology" survey by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and the Sports Video Group (SVG). The Super Bowl has been the top driver for HDTV purchases for three years running.

The 2008 Super Bowl was the highest rated Super Bowl in history, attracting 97.5M viewers (Nielsen)

Demographics of Football Fans: (Nielsen)
People in wealthy homes with greater than $100,000 in annual income, are almost 3 times more likely to watch the Super Bowl as people in homes that make less than $30,000

Publicly Traded Companies that stand to benefit:
Best Buy runs specials such as no interest for 2 - 3 years and guaranteed delivery for Super Bowl


Matsushita (Parent of Panasonic)

LG Philips LCD

Corning producer of HD glass

Texas Instruments

La-Z-Boy states that January and February are among the "strongest months" for sales of recliners according to their Chief Marketing Officer Doug Collier

2) Technology and the Super Bowl - It's all about enhancing the viewing experience, and it's all about the numbers.

According to the "Sports and Technology" Survey by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and the Sports Video Group (SVG):

- 18% of consumers watching the game expect to have a laptop PC with them to check stats, IM, check betting

- 12% plan to use a PC in another room to check stats

- 13% expect to use their mobile phone to check stats

Publicly Traded Companies that stand to benefit:
Sprint Nextel created the NFL Mobile Live site specially formatted for wireless handsets.

- Sprint customers offered exclusive access to meet NFL stars, preferred seating, often with just the display of a Sprint or Nextel handset

- Sprint Phone-a-Friend @ NFL Players Live!: Provides fans the opportunity to have a current NFL player speak with a friend or family member live via a Sprint Wireless service : Renewed its download deal with Pepsi for its music site. Pepsi had previously done a similar deal with Apple, when each bottle of Pepsi came with free vouchers for iTunes downloads.










3) Super Snack Bowl - Benefitting from the snack food and beer bonanza that is the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl Consumption: During the Super Bowl period, snack food had the largest incremental increase in total sales and alcoholic beverage coolers had the largest percentage increase (Nielsen)

- Snacks $33.365M spent during the 2007 Super Bowl period (Nielsen)

- Beer $20.718M spent during the 2007 Super Bowl period (Nielsen)

Publicly Traded Companies that stand to benefit:

Pepsico : Maker of Frito-Lay snack, Pepsi, Gatorade & sports drinks, Tropicana, Quaker

Molson Coors

Domino's Pizza :

Domino's anticipates delivering more than 1.2M pizzas

- Dominos' delivers about 250,000 pizzas per quarter

- Drivers will rack up more than 4M miles on Super Bowl Sunday in the U.S.

*Domino's drivers will spend approximately $294,400 on gas: At an average of 25 miles per gallon, with the average gas price of $1.84 per gallon (AAA as of 1/20)

- Sales tend to increase during close games when viewers don't want to leave their TVs

Buffalo Wild Wings

Papa John's will sell 50% more pizzas on Super Bowl Sunday than a typical Sunday which is about 750,000 pizzas and 1 million chicken wings according to spokesman Chris Sternberg

  • Super Bowl is one of its biggest sales days of the year, along with Halloween and the day before Thanksgiving

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