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Market Tips: Bet on Tech, Energy Tag Team

Global stocks bounced back from 7-week lows Thursday, following an overnight recovery in the US stock market on the back of strong earnings reports from Apple and IBM. Experts tell CNBC they see investment potential in the energy and tech sectors, as well as in various parts of Asia.

Temporary Bottom Seen for Oil Prices

We may be seeing a temporary bottom in the crude oil market, according to Jonathan Kornafel, Asia director at Hudson Capital Energy. He also gives his direction for crude oil prices.

Not Bullish on Oil

As the commodity markets seem to be tracking the stock market, Larry Levin, founder & president of Secrets of Traders is not bullish on oil as he is not bullish on equities.

Overweight on Energy Sector

Despite lowering the 2009 assumptions for oil price, Vincent Ng, associate director at Standard and Poor's Equity Research has retained an "overweight" stance on the energy sector. He also reveals how best to invest in this sector.

Time to Get into Techs

This is the time to get into the tech sector, believes Paul Markowski, president at MES Advisers, highlighting names like IBM, Cisco Systems and Apple.

Short Selling: Legitimate, but Risky

"Short selling on banks is legitimate and investors should be allowed to do it in order to best their profits," Julian Pittam from Data Explorers told CNBC. Short selling is a "dangerous" game, and the risk is "massive," he added.

Focus on Wealth Protection

“I am more concerned about wealth protection than chasing diminished returns," Tom Hougaard from City Index told CNBC. In his opinion, the market will be heading "sideways for a protracted period of time."

He sees potential in June or July options, parity in sterling to the euro, and a horizontal move in gold.

A Lot of Value in Asia

The sharp retracement in Asian markets presents a lot of value out there, says Vincent Ng, associate director at Standard and Poor's Equity Research.

Hard to Make Short-Term Gains in HK

Investors will find it hard to make short-term gains in Hong Kong this year as Alvin Chong, director of research at Sun Hung Kai Financial Group believes the markets will continue to be very volatile.

Upbeat on China & India

Growth remains substantially intact in the Chinese and Indian markets, believes Ramachandran Krishnan, director & head of investment & product office at Barclays Wealth. He tells investors how to capitalize on this, in this installment of "Protect Your Wealth".

Avoid Chinese Banks

Avoid Chinese banks as they are at the forefront of monetary stimulus, cautions Alvin Chong, director of research at Sun Hung Kai Financial Group.

Avoid Japan, Look Elsewhere in Asia

Avoid Japan and look at investing in South Korea, Hong Kong, China and Taiwan instead, suggests Edgar Chuan, MD at Descartes Investment Management.