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Pfizer Smells A Rat In Drug Counterfeiting


For years pharmaceutical companies and health authorities have been trying to crack down on counterfeit prescription drugs.

They say they're unsafe and, of course, they also eat into sales of the real McCoy.

But on a new United Kingdom website the world's biggest drug company, Pfizer , is apparently taking the fight against knockoffs to a whole nutha level.

The campaign is called, "Get real. Get a prescription." In the bottom left corner of the homepage is the blue oval Pfizer logo and it says, "This website is brought to you by Pfizer."

Disclaimer: Before you click on the play button on the homepage know that the video might make you a little squeamish or turn your stomach. The guy coughs up a rat. I'm not kidding.

This page on the website to report a counterfeit medicine has a disgusting freeze frame from the spot. Again, consider yourself forewarned. I'm not sure how a graphic campaign like this would play in the States.

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And a couple of people emailed me about yesterday's post regarding my HealthSouth/Richard Scrushy coverage to point out that the company's previous ticker symbol on the NYSE was HRC before becoming HLSH on the Nasdaq and now HLS .

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