Options Action

Tonight's Real TV Action Is On Options Action


If last Friday's debut broadcast of "Options Action" was the broadcast event of the season, then tonight is akin to the Super Bowl.

Before I tell you about what's on the show tonight, I would like to underscore the value of watching this fine broadcast.

Last Friday, we kicked off the big show by highlighting the excessive put buying on Wells Fargo . Since then the company has lost nearly a fifth of its value.

Now, maybe the two events are unrelated. But that's the type of information, in addition to simple retail strategies to protect yourself, that we will bring to you each week.

And with that, we'll turn our attention to next week's big events, with an eye on how the options market is anticipating certain moments. We'll preview American Express , check the integrity of the dividends of a few key companies. And we'll take a look at potential takeover candidate Yahoo ahead of its earnings on Tuesday.

As always, some of the terminology can be confusing. So we included an options playbook, plus links to educational sights.