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Warren Buffett "Brought Down to Earth" By Economic "Pearl Harbor" - Kass

Doug Kass

Doug Kass, the short-seller who came out ahead by betting against Berkshire Hathaway last year, has some new criticism of Warren Buffett and his investment style.

In a post on TheStreet.com today, Kass takes aim at a Buffett quote from last weekend's interview on Dateline NBC.

The quote: "It's never paid to bet against America... We come through things, but it's not always a smooth ride... This is an economic Pearl Harbor."

Kass responds: "In 2008 and (so far) 2009, The Oracle of Omaha has been wrong; it has paid to bet against America... The U.S. 'economic Pearl Harbor' has humanized and brought down to earth many of the smartest investors in the world," including Warren Buffett and a long list of other well-known names.

(Last October, Kass endorsed Buffett's call in the New York Times to 'buy U.S. stocks now.')

Kass laments he may have been "premature" when he profitably covered a short position he put on Berkshire last year as it traded around $140,000.  Today, it is around $87,000.

He cites "the recent deterioration" of stocks in the Berkshire portfolio, including a $4.5 billion drop in the value of its Well Fargo holdings since December 1.  Berkshire's stake in U.S. Bancorp is worth $1 billion less.  Both Wells and USB have lost half their value in under two months.

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Kass also writes that "Berkshire has now likely recorded a nonrealized loss in excess of $10 billion" on its large stock index derivative positions.  "A loss on that scale, whether realized or unrealized, is large even for Warren Buffett."

The bottom line for Kass:  "The average individual investor should continue to err on the side of conservatism in a market that provides a wonderful setting for trading but a not-so-exquisite setting for investing."

That's in sharp contrast with Buffett's current excitement about stocks.   He likes it when prices fall.  "There are a lot more things selling at sensible prices now than there were two years ago.  So clearly it's a better time to be buying stocks than a couple of years ago.  Is it better than tomorrow?  I have no idea."

Kass is sprinting.  Buffett is running a marathon.  Make sure you know which race you're in. 

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