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Stock Picks for the '3,000 Points' Rally

Andrew Fisher

Gerald Jordan of the Jordan Opportunity Fund sees a big rally coming, probably in the second quarter, and he believes investors should get back into stocks to get ready for it.

"I think the next two to three thousand points in the Dow are going to be higher, not lower, and that's what we're invested for," he told CNBC.

He agreed with the current move in bonds from Treasurys to corporates, but he said stocks are even more promising than corporate bonds.

"I believe stocks will outperform corporates, certainly on the big rally that I expect in the second and third quarters," he said.


So what names are on his list?

"I'd buy Peabody (Energy), I'd buy Nucor steel manufacturer," he said.  "I think you've got to own beneficiaries of a reflating economy, particularly hard assets."

Bull vs. Bear

Also on his list are Abbott Laboratories , Genzyme, and — paradoxically — Google.


Disclosure information for Gerald Jordan was not immediately available.