Sites of the Day: Free Legal Resources, Worst Passwords and More


Looking for less pricey home services and utilities? WHITEFENCE.COMhas the inside scoop on how to find the best rates on electricity, natural gas and internet connections in your neighborhood.

Research, compare and lower your monthly bills with LOWERMYBILLS.COM. The website, run by credit report agency Experian, gives you the inside scoop on finding the cheapest rates on home loans, credit cards and auto and health insurance.

Want your kids to learn the value of a dollar? With KidsSave at KIDNEXIONS.COM, your children not only can track their allowance but see the value of that money when saved over time.

Use social networking to track financial moves of friends and strangers with COVESTOR.COM. The website lets you follow the coattails of other investors to see where they're investing and why.

If you've got investments at different brokerages, check out CAKEFINANCIAL.COM. The website lets you gather your trading information, up to 10 years back, to help you keep an eye out on your money.

Check out the the E-Justice Blog at CRIMINALJUSTICEUSA.COM. The website has a list of 100 free do-it-yourself legal resources that can be found on the web.

Increase your buying power with BARGAINIST.COM. Find the best deals from gadgets to clothes and get the download on how to stretch your dollar on sales, coupons and freebies.

Keep online hackers at bay with BOINGBOING.NET's list of the top 500 worst passwords of all time in terms of online security. If you think "12345" or "password" are safeguarding your important information, think again.

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