Heard in Davos 2009: Dispatches from the Conference

It's Not All Work

Yeah, right.

Actually, the working sessions and panels are better attended than any conference I've ever seen.

But there are also officially sanctioned "leisure activities"—and we're not just talking about the late-night parties. Here are a few of my faves from the official guidebook (and I swear I'm not kidding):

Cheese Fondue Cooking Course: "Learn how to make Switzerland's favourite cheese specialty under the expert guidance of the 'cheese master'." (A cheese master, I suppose, cuts the cheese?)

Audi Safe Driving Course: "Under the supervision of experienced instructors, in Audi cars, learn to master critical situations such as braking, hazard avoidance, overtaking, braking on a corner or skid correction," (This course is apparently in high demand. I would love to see who takes it!)

Avalanche Research: an "entertaining" tour of the Swiss Federal Institute of Snow and Avalanche Research. (You say "avalanche", I think "entertaining"!)