Sites of the Day: Get Cash For Old Gadgets and More


The average rate on a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage fell slightly to 5.1% from 5.12% a week ago, according to . Two weeks ago, the rate fell to 4.96%, the lowest since Freddie Mac began keeping records in 1971.

CD rates held even over the last week, according to . The average rate on 1-year CD was unchanged at 1.63%, while the 5-year CD rose by just a fraction of a point to 2.38% from 2.37%.

Need help tracking your spending?LIFEHACKER.COMhas instructions on how to use Gmail and Google Docs to make spending reports quick and less painful.

Backpacking enthusiasts looking for help with planning their next adventure can head to HELLOBACKPACKER.COM. The site offers suggestions from how to prepare your home before you leave to what items should go in your backpacker's toolbox.

Get help reclaiming airport taxes and fuel surcharges on flights you had to cancel at MISSREFUND.COM. For a small charge, the site will help make sure that you don't pay taxes and gas for flights you didn't take.

Get cash for old or unwanted gadgets at GAZELLE.COM. The site pays for any tech item, no matter how old, and provides free shipping.

Manage your receipts and business cards online at SHOEBOXED.COM. The site scans any documents you need for taxes and expense reports for easier bookkeeping.

Search for new and used autos at ALLAUTOSITES.COM. The site lets you pick search parameters including make, model, price and location.

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