There Must Be A Pony In Here Somewhere

Your Competition for the Best Job in the World


Great news! You’ve still got three weeks to get in your video application for the Best Job in the World.

You know the one: You get paid $100K to live on an Australian island for six months as an “island caretaker,” which means snorkeling, taking long walks on the beach and vlogging about it. No experience required. All you have to do is send in a one-minute video application. (Check out the Queensland Tourism promo video for the job.)

Well, I’ve checked out the competition, and I think your chances are pretty good!

Here are some of the applications:

Meet Bachelor No. 1. He’s good at talking … and caretaking:

And here’s Carmen. Check out her animal-tastic, disco video resume:

Hey, how YOU doin'?

It’s the Little Mermaid’s long-lost brother and his under-the-sea resume:

Wow. If he can swim through digital fish, imagine how good he'll be in the ocean!

And, probably your toughest competition, is Michael from Canada.

Michael has a whole guerrilla marketing thing going on.

First, the very clever what-are-these-people-laughing-about video on YouTube.

At the end, he plugs his Web site,, a blog about the making of his application.

Yes! I definitely want to know what they’re laughing about. Click.

After you spend five minutes reading his how-I-did-it blog (complete with quiz) he says, “After a long suspenseful wait, here it [his video application] is!

Only, he bait-and-switches you with a link to the . (The judges are gonna LOVE that!)

OK, OK. Seriously. Here it is! The video, which is, er, a bit of a flop:

Hey, running in flippers isn’t as easy as it looks.

OK, go get 'em tiger!

Er, tiger shark.


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