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Why Super Bowl Tickets Were Not That 'Cheap'


Fans were left out on the streets outside Raymond James Stadium on Sunday. Many had come because they thought the economy—and the lack of Cardinals fans—made the ticket market soft.

But the reality was the average price on the secondary market didn't fall as much as expected.

At about $2,400 for the average ticket on StubHub, it's much cheaper than in years past, but it's nothing close to the speculation that tickets would sell for face value ($800, $1,000).

The cheapest seats we heard people were getting were in the $1,300 range.

The Business of the Super Bowl

Despite the fact that the league dropped some $800 to $500, the idea that even this Super Bowl averaged a secondary price of more than $1,000 above the set face value could lead to the league raising the price of tickets again.

The league raised most tickets by $100 for this year's game.

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