Pros Say: Chinese Banks Better Bet than US Ones

Investors’ faith in the US banking system has slumped to dramatic low over the past year and fears over the lingering specter of toxic assets remains. One investor tells CNBC that China’s financial sector could offer an attractive alternative to America’s banking problems. Below is latest investment advice as seen on CNBC.

Chinese Banks Better Bet than US Ones

Chinese banks are better bets than their US counterparts, according to Uwe Parpart, chief economist and strategist, Asia at Cantor Fitzgerald. He explains his bullish outlook to CNBC.

Is it Safe to Buy Japanese Financials?

Japanese banks' cross-shareholding is putting a drag on their earnings, says David Threadgold, head of Japanese Research at Fox-Pitt Kelton Cochran Caronia Waller. He tells CNBC whether he thinks the sector still looks attractive.

Keep Protfolios Balanced

A return to the traditional balance portfolio is key, advises Rod Skellet, head of Global Markets BBY. He speaks to CNBC about his investment strategies.

Stick to Large Caps

Stick to large-cap stocks and be cautious, says Stephen Ellis, client advisor at Tolhurst. He gives his outlook on the mining sector to CNBC.

Post-Chinese New Year Rally Seen in Taiwan

Expect a post-Chinese New Year rally in the Taiwan market, says Seow Hock Hin, senior VP of institutional sales at MF Global. CNBC asks which sectors may see a spike in this rally.

"Hold" on Rio Tinto

David Halliday, associate director at Macquarie Equities has a "hold" on Rio Tinto, following confirmation that it is in asset sale talks with Chinalco. He tells CNBC what would cause him to upgrade this stock to a "buy".

The Case for Equities

Following sharp falls in the market, Mark Fichera, director of Cranport Hedge Fund and Brian Thomas, head of retail funds management at Perennial tell CNBC why investors should not avoid equities.