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Steelers' Harrison Ready To Cash In

James Harrison

The amazing comeback tandem of Ben Roethlisberger and Santonio Holmes might have taken Steelers linebacker James Harrison out of the MVP running and a trip to Disney World , but that doesn't mean he isn't poised to cash in.

Harrison's surprising 100- yard interception return as time expired in the second quarter is being called one of the greatest plays in Super Bowl history.

"We had a lot of deals set up prior to the Super Bowl," said his agent Bill Parise. "He was coming off a pro bowl year, he just won Defensive Player of the Year, so last night didn't monumentally change the plan."

It will certainly give things that Harrison is lending his name to a nice boost.

Steelers Win: A Bullish Market Omen

Parise said Harrison, who was previously cut three times by the Steelers, has a deal with PLB Sports to make a signature line of cereal and peanut butter.

Parise said the company is working on Harrison's "Crunch" cereal boxes now and they'll hit the market in the next couple weeks. The peanut butter will debut in the summer before training camp.

Harrison's incredible moment, which ended with him sprawled out in the endzone from exhaustion, will also help him sell his book. The book (which we think should now be called "The Longest Yards") is being co-authored by Bill Moushey of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and is being shopped around to publishers by The Literary Group.

Harrison, who recently re-signed with Nike for his shoe deal, will be an important signature for Steelers fans to get on their Super Bowl XLIII items.

Parise said Harrison will not sign an exclusive deal and will likely conduct between 10 and 15 signings from now until training camp.

Parise also said they've had initial conversations about copyrighting things related to the great run back.

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