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Web Extra: The Dirty Little Secret of Job Hunting

OTM Web Extra

Workplace911's Bob Rosner joined Carmen on Friday's Web Extra to discuss how to approach job hunting in today's environment. The dirty little secret of the employment game, Rosner says, it that the yellowpages are actually much more useful than the wanted ads. Many companies post positions that are already filled because of legal obligations. Also, headhunters use the classifieds to build up their stack of resumes. It's much more useful to pick up the phonebook and make calls and visit in person the places you want to work.

Every job-seeker knows the importance of networking but not everyone knows how to approach it. According to Rosner, most people actually get jobs from the 'outer fringes' of their networks, not through their closest friends and colleagues. For more on why you need to make getting a job your full-time job, watch the web-exclusive video below.