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Visa Issues Statement On Phelps And Your Emails

Michael Phelps
Michael Phelps

As South Carolina authorities consider whether or not they will press charges in regards to Michael Phelps and his bong smoking photo, Visa , who has activated its partnership with Phelps more than any other sponsor has issued this statement.

"We have spoken with Michael and he has expressed regret for the situation, has committed to being accountable and improving his judgment in the future. We intend to support him as he looks to move forward."

Readers Respond To Phelps & Citi

First, let's get your take on Phelps.

Brent Bourland writes: "It would be gutsy, but he would probably build a bigger fan base by being REAL and acknowledging what everyone knows. Young people and others SMOKE POT some time. Big deal."

Robert Johnson writes: "It's unfortunate that Mr. Phelps keeps shooting himself in the foot. One would think that someone of his athletic ability would also be intelligent enough to avoid such juvenile behavior. At some point he won't be able to use his age as an excuse for stupidity."

Peggy Miller writes: "I don't understand why we hold an athlete to a higher standard than say President of the United States! I'd have to conclude that use of illegal drugs did not do any harm to Obama. If the example of our President is that which directs the behavior of others, I guess there is no valid reason to condemn Phelps."

Terry Workinger writes: "I would go to jail, I would lose my job, I would not be forgiven because I can swim. I wonder if the print quality on a wheaties box is good enouph to include a bong and a beer. People in his position understand that there is a trade off for the fame and fortune. No dog fights, no killing of your unborn childs mother, no DUI, and no bong hits."

And now let's have you weigh in on the Mets' naming rights deal with Citi .

Nancy Apgar writes: "Citibank has raised the interest rate on my credit card (I have never been late with a payment). In this economy this is not the best use of bailout funds or my paying for this with the raise in my interest rate. How are they allowed to do this?"

Tariq Ahmad writes: "Maybe the executives of Citi who signed this deal should pay it out of their unearned bonuses."

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