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Hold Bernanke, Paulson Accountable—Literally


Who do you hold responsible for the economic mess we're in — Paulson? Bernanke? Greenspan?

Well, now you can hold them accountable — literally — with the Squeeze the Banker line of stress dolls from boutique agency CreativeFeed.

"We thought that a stress ball in the shape of the principal icons of our financial system was a funny (and maybe healthy) way of facing the strain we are all under," said Arthur Ceria, CreativeFeed's founder. "These stress dolls are a symbolic effort at turning the tables on what for most of us is a source of considerable strain," he said.

So go ahead. Squeeze Paulson. Shake Bernanke. Yell at Greenspan and tell him it's all his fault. Or do all three at the same time!

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  • CreativeFeed offers a few more reasons to buy the dolls:

    1) Guaranteed to raise employee morale.

    2) They're cheaper than Prozac.

    3) Each one was crash-tested on Wall Street.

    Of course, CreativeFeed knows the economic downturn is serious business with serious effects on people's lives, so they're donating a portion of sales from each doll to a group called Modest Needs, which helps low-income households.

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