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Marketing Of Michael Crabtree

Mike Crabtree

In two years of playing college football, Texas Tech wide receiver Michael Crabtree pulled down 231 catches, amassed 3,127 and had 41 touchdowns. He has been tabbed by most as a top five pick and is certainly among the most marketable.

Charged with the task of getting Crabtree deals in this tough economy will be marketers Mike Ornstein and Peter Miller.

"Part of my presentation to Michael was to talk about the tough economy," Ornstein told us. "I might have done $16 million of deals for Reggie Bush over a two-year period, but that's just not going to happy today. I mean, last year people were selling Super Bowl tickets for $5,000 and on Sunday you could have gotten one for $1,500."

Ornstein said he's still confident that he can maximize Crabtree's potential and is bringing in marketer Peter Miller -- who is currently working with Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Santonio Holmes and has previously done marketing for guys like Joey Galloway and Fred Taylor.

"I'm well aware of the economic environment and that's why I've brought in Peter," Ornstein said. "I have a set of companies that I've done deals with and he has his set of companies that he works with. I don't know of many marketers that would split the commission with another marketing guy, but we're doing that to do what's best for the kid."

With the draft less than three months away, Ornstein said the two are currently negotiating with shoe companies, trading card companies and autograph dealers.

"Adidas/Reebok, Nikeand Under Armour are obviously very interested in signing him," Ornstein said. "For Under Armour, it's more intriguing because he's really the first college star to come out having worn Under Armour shoes in school. It would make sense for them to build a brand around him."

Crabtree's contract will be negotiated by Eugene Parker.

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