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Stock Picker Finds Surprises In Store(s)


Better-than-expected January sales lifted the market out of the doldrums on Thursday, and, in the retail sector, Citi Investment Research's Deborah Weinswig has some favorites to recommend to stock-market investors.


Her top pick may be no surprise to many: Walmart.

"It's the only retailer out there who's now had four consecutive months of positive traffic," she said.  "Mind you, this is a retailer who for three years, actually had negative traffic trends."

Also on her list is one that might qualify as a surprise: Nordstrom. 

"A lot of the specialty retailers who serve the 'missy' customer are really struggling," she explained. 

"I think Nordstrom is in a fantastic position to gain market share as a result, especially because they're located at the mall...and they have the best customer service out there, which the customer wants even more in this environment."

She also likes Kohl's.


Walmart and Kohl's are investment banking customers of Weinswig's firm.