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Game Plan: Obama’s Second Honeymoon?


The market on Friday signaled a second honeymoon for President Barack Obama, giving him the chance to correct some key mistakes made during his first couple weeks in office, Cramer said during Mad Money. Such as letting Nancy Pelosi fill our much-needed stimulus package with pork.

No doubt massive expectations met President Obama at the White House door. But so did the confidence of the American people. He promised job creation and infrastructure spending, initiatives that would turn this economy around. What’d we get? Pelosi, salary caps for TARP participants and a Washington Post op-ed warning of catastrophe – none of the hope we heard so much about during the campaign.

Obama's Second Honeymoon

But it looks like the markets are willing to give Obama another chance. And to make things right, he has to do a few specific things. Cramer laid out a special Game Plan for the president, detailing how to save the banks, stem unemployment, even pass a second stimulus plan if necessary, as a way to end this recession. Watch the video for that, as well as his calls on Goldman Sachs , Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Citigroup and more.

Cramer’s charitable trust owns Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley.

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