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Phil Knight Talks College Athletics

Phil Knight

Tonight, a movie called Coraline will hit theatres.

It's the first effort from Laika, a production house Nike founder Phil Knight bought seven years ago.

Our Julia Boorstin sat down with Knight and I had her slip in a question to one of the college athletic world's biggest donors (University of Oregon) about the state of college sports in this economy.

"I think, in general, it hurts education and it hurts sports. As part of that the're a few schools, you know, a dozen or so that are self-sufficient from their athletic department's standpoint and they'll be better off than others. I do think college sports is a great form of escapism, so I think the gate and the television viewership of college sports will continue to be high, but I think the whole economic downturn hurts all of the colleges and included in that is sports."

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