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See What People Are Saying About... Stimulus Compromise


We're hearing that President Obama's stimulus bill looks pretty solid -- and could pass the Senate very soon.  The stimulus, as it stands now, is a compromise between Democrats and a handful of Republicans.

The two chief authors of the bill, Republican Senator Susan Collins of Maine  and Democratic Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska concede it is not perfect, but said the mix of tax cuts and new spending would create up to 4 million jobs.

To reach a compromise, the group shaved costs by about $100 billion, attracting the support and expected votes of virtually all of the Senate's 58 Democrats and three of 41 Republicans. That would give them the 60 votes needed to secure passage.

One of the Republicans is Senator Arlen Specter, a moderate Pennsylvania Republican who is crossing party lines because he feels "The country cannot afford not to take action."

If Fast Money readers are any indication, America is both concerned and confused about the stimulus. 

John F. from Missouri writes, "I am very disappointed in the stimulus package.  I do not see the current proposal as stimulus as much as I see government funding."

And Dan F. writes, "I don't understand why President Obama is trying to cram down a bill that is obviously so full of pork and utter waste. Why not simply divide up the bill into parts? Pass the infrastructure spending bill now, a bank bill next week, social spending bill the week after, etc."

And that leads to our Fast Money Reader Poll. Do you think the the stimulus bill is too much too fast?

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