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How Much Is Tiger's Kid Worth?

Tiger Woods hits out of a bunker on the eighth green during a playoff round at the US Open golf tournament, Torrey Pines Golf, San Diego, California.

Seven and a half years ago, when Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf announced they were having a baby, tennis promoter John Korff had a great idea.

He called up Graf’s agent, Phil DePicciotto, and offered Graf $10 million if they had a girl and that girl played in his tournament first when she turned 16 years old in 2017.

“We got a lot of publicity,” Korff recently told me.

You haven’t heard the story in a while because Korff's tennis tournament ended its 25-year-run in 2002 and Graf and Agassi’s first offspring turned out to be a boy – Jaden.

But upon hearing that Tiger Woods and his wife Elin had a baby boy named Charlie Axel this weekend, I called up Korff and asked what he would offer the Woods family in exchange for having Charlie make his pro debut at an exhibition tournament.

"I have no idea what you could give Tiger," Korff admitted. "He has has a hot babe as a wife, has umpteen kabillion dollars, is one of the most well-known people in the world and even has a great nickname."

"When I offered $10 million, that number was astronomical," said Korff, whose company owns the New York City Triathlon. "Money wasn't flying around in the stratosphere like that. If you paid Tiger Woods $10 million, he wouldn't even wake up early for you."

Update:On a related note, a Scottish deerhound named Tiger Woods won the hound category last night and will try to win the 133th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show tonight.

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