Love & Money: Avoiding Financial Love Landmines


Yes, we are a nation in economic turmoil, but peel back a few layers and what you'll see (and hear) is a nation full of couples in economic tumult.

There's little like losing a job (or two), mounting credit card debt, huge retirement losses and a downer economy as few of us have ever seen to get the pots and pans flying and the icy cold shoulders in the morning. Couples have always found money matters to be a field full of love-landmines, but now when our financial fortitude is being tried like never before, how can we remain civilized at home when our quality of life is under such threat?

Consider it the ultimate form of bipartisanship. Hear both sides. Consider alternatives. Keep a level head and search out answers. All this week, On the Money will be taking on 'Love & Money' in time for Valentine's Day. We'll answer questions like:

Do I have to let his bad credit take down mine?

Can we survive my layoff both financially and as a couple?

What about having to take in my mother-in-law?

We'll work with a couple who can't divorce because the home they own jointly is underwater and won't sell. We'll get into the nitty-gritty of how to manage a very modern set of personal finance couple-conundrums set against the background of a major recession. After all, the power of knowledge times two is better than going at it alone.