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One Random T-Shirt


Here's the perfect gift for those of you who, like me, were over the Facebook "25 Random Things About Me" phenom before it even started. It's the "1 Random Thing" T-shirt from These are thesame people who came up with the "Christian Bale and I ARE DONE professionally" T-shirt.

This latest shirt says "I don't even want to know one random thing about you."


A bright green ball of ice is barreling towards Earth. Comet Lulin will make its closest approach on February 24th, and you may be able to see it on a moonless night out in the country.

Check out the best times and places here.

Comet Lulin gets its green color from cyanogen and diatomic carbon in its core, but blog reader Glen S. suggests "the approaching comet is, in reality, the long awaited bailout cash. Because our Congress couldn't get its act together, we consulted decision makers from a neighboring galaxy and they got it right."

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