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New Times Are Boosting New Stocks

This is not your garden-variety recession, and Ken Kam of Marketocracy Masters 100 says it means the market of the future will be a lot different from the market of the past.

"The market has fundamentally changed," he told CNBC. "A lot of people who are holding onto stocks, hoping that when things get back to normal that their stocks will get back to even, I think are going to be surprised."

He sees new sectors leading the market when it does come back. So what sectors is he talking about, and whose stocks does he like in those sectors?


Start with health care, and DepoMed, a name not often mentioned.

"DepoMed is a small-cap biotech stock," he said. "Biotech and pharmaceuticals are bright spots, because pharmaceuticals have very strong cash flow, so of all industries they have the least need for bank financing."

Kam concedes the sector, too, must change, as patented products go generic, and he sees DepoMed as a prime candidate for acquisition, in a consolidation wave that just saw Pfizer acquire Wyeth.

Maneuvering the Markets

"I woult put Cephalon in the same category," he added.

He also likes Novo Nordisk.


Disclosure information for Ken Kam was not immediately available.