Are You a Compulsive Shopper? Take the Test


How can you determine if you are a compulsive buyer?

Only a trained clinician can diagnose compulsive buying disorder. However, asking yourself the following questions can give you an idea of whether your score is suggestive of a compulsive buying problem or not.

Please choose the response that best describes you.

Add up your score on the six questions. A score of 25 or more is suggestive of compulsive buying disorder. Remember, only a trained clinician can make a definitive diagnosis.

This assessment tool, The Richmond Compulsive Buying Scale, was published in Ridgway, N. Kukar-Kinney, M. and Monroe, K. An expanded conceptualization and a new measure of compulsive buying. Journal of Consumer Research, Volume 35, #4, 350-406 Dec. 2008.

Courtesy of Dr. April Benson, PhD.