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Stimulus Stocks: Large-Cap Tech Picks


Greg Merlino of Ameriway Financial Services welcomes the stimulus bill — and he has some ideas about where stock-market investors should position themselves to profit from recovery.

"I think the bill will help to get us out of this economic mess, but, let's face it, it's not going to be a silver bullet here," he told CNBC. "I think what investors need to do is dollar-cost-average into this market; if you've got some money on the sidelines, now's a great time to put it to work."

He doesn't favor going into the market "with both feet" yet, but he's big on large-cap technology.


"I'd stay with industry leaders, your IBMs , the Googles and Apples of the world," he said.


Disclosure information for Greg Merlino was not immediately available.