Sites of the Day: Explaining the Stimulus Bill, Facebook Privacy and More


Curious about who gets which stimulus dollars? RECOVERY.GOV explains the American Recovery and Revinvestment Act as well as shows how, when and where the money is spent.

Need a little privacy for some parts of your Facebook profile? ALLFACEBOOK.COM has 10 tips, including how to tag photos and remove yourself from Google searches.

Stat of the Day: According to CONSUMERREPORTS.ORG, a third of all TV stations have turned off their analog signals and gone to digital broadcasts, despite a delay in the mandatory switch-over date.

That wi-fi connection called "free public Wi-Fi" is anything but, according to CONSUMERREPORTS.ORG. The site's electronics blog says the common listing won't log you onto the Internet -- but could leave your shared files exposed to theft.

The jury duty scam is back, according to WALLETPOP.COM. The website says beware anyone who tries to get you pass on private data like a social security number, by claiming they need to crosscheck your name against a list of people who've skipped out on jury duty.

Need to cut the cost of moving into a new residence? FREECARDBOARDBOXES.COM lets you search for the environmentally conscious in your city who'd rather their packing material be reused than just thrown away.

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