Ask The Experts: Why Is It So Hard to Get My Credit Score Now?


Ulzheimer's article on Experian ending their relationship with myFICOgot my blood boiling. Who do these people think they are to make it even harder on the consumer right now?!?! How am I supposed to get all three of my scores now? I cant afford to shell out more than what it costs on myFICO. -Jessie, VA

Your blood should be boiling Jessie. Experian is taking us IN THE WRONG DIRECTION by allowing less access to OUR credit score. We've gotten word that despite their position that the myFICO relationship just wasn't "strategic" for them that the real reason may have more to do with their displeasure with the royalty amount they're paying Fair Isaac for the FICO scores, which they sell to lenders on behalf of Fair Isaac. This was validated by Experian earlier this week in an interview in American Banker.

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