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Money Buzz: Driving Tax, Girl Scout Cookies


In this money buzz, we give you the download on today’s top money stories. Here are a few:

Drive-By Taxing? Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood says he’s considering placing a tax on motorists based upon how many miles they drive, rather than the amount of gas they burn. Check out the story from AP here.

Girl Scout Cookie Sales Crumble: Some groups have seen drops as big as 19% in pre-order sales of country’s favorite cookies. Check out the story from USA Today here.

Teen job market taking: Because other people are taking these relatively available jobs, teens may have trouble finding summer jobs this year. If you’re a teen, our experts suggest that this may be the time to create job security for yourself, by investigating the potential of entrepreneurship. Learn more about this story from the Wall Street Journal here.
JetBlue Layoff Refunds: Customers 18 or older who involuntarily lose a job on or after Feb. 17, and who purchased tickets from Feb. 1 through May 30, will be eligible to cancel a reservation and receive a refund. Read the complete story from MSNBC here.

DTV Killed the VCR: Watch out, the conversion from analog to digital television will affect the way you record. VCRs will no longer be able to  record programs like they used to. Check out the full story from here.

Beer No Longer Recession Proof? Nate Silver reports that quarterly alcohol sales for home consumption dropped in at the end of 2008. Check out the stats here.