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Warren Buffett's Annual Letter Will Be Released On Saturday

Warren Buffett fans, clear your calendars.  Berkshire Hathaway confirms to me that Buffett's eagerly-awaited annual letter to shareholders will be released this coming Saturday, February 28.

We don't know the exact time, but I would expect it in the morning.  CNBC.com's Warren Buffett Watch will be on alert to bring you all the details.

In his letters, Buffett goes into great detail about what Berkshire has been doing and might be doing in the future.  He also uses them to originate many of the Buffett-isms that have become famous over the years.  (Past letters are and remain great reads, even years later.)

Last year, Buffett's letter featuring a warning: Don't expect double-digit stock gains over the long run.

We can also expect more information about the big stock index derivative contracts that Berkshire has written, either in the letter, the 2008 annual report, or both.

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