State of the Union: What the Experts Are Saying

Natalie Erlich|Writer/Producer

As President Barack Obama prepares to outline his agenda to the nation on Tuesday, political and market insiders discuss what he is likely to say.

State of the Union Preview

Building American Confidence

"Government has a problem, and it isn’t just the short-term budget problem. It’s a long-term entitlement problem. The public is interested in what we’re doing right now. The main thing that the president has to do tonight is say what he can to build confidence."

- Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa

Overcoming Economic Challenges

Talking Up The Stimulus

‘I am sure he will talk about the important investments in the stimulus package, not only to help those that are needy, those that are underemployed, food stamps, but a large portion, 95 percent of Americans will get a tax break…”

- Rep. Carolyn Maloney, D-NY

On The President's Plate

Zoning In On Social Security?

“He may not address social security in detail tonight, but I expect that he’ll be expecting it in the next six to nine months in some kind of way… He’s going to come up with some very practical solutions. He’s made it clear that he will take on these problems."

- Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-MD

Focusing on Credit Concerns

Seeking Direction

"I'm hoping tonight will be sort of the end of the campaign mode and sort of move into some direct statements on what we're going to do in the financial services industry. Again, I just think we are feeling our way along. The first Geithner debut was vague. I don't criticize them for taking their time to sort of roll out what ought to happen, but I think it is time now to get some direction."

- Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn.

Rick Santelli on the State of the Union

Preparing For The Next Challenge

“Part of the issue the president has, part of the challenge he has as our leader, is of course trying to get ahead of the challenges we will have three to four months down the road… We would argue that commercial real estate will be the next shoe to fall.”

- John Brady, MF Global

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