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Stocks Ready To Spring Forward

Scott Billeadeau has his rally cap on.

"I think in the next couple of months, we're going to get a couple of lousy labor reports, we're going to get Q1 GDP reports, and I think that's going to set the bottom," Fifth Third Asset Management's director of small- and mid-cap growth strategies told CNBC. 

After that, he sees things turning vertical.

"Companies will start to report earnings in late April, early May, with a third of the year in their rear-view mirror," he said.  "I think they'll give guidance that will give investors a real picture of where the troughs in earnings are, and to me, that'll be the catalyst for a higher market, and it could be a real abrupt upward movement from there."


For the time being, he likes Emergency Medical Services, power-grid equipment producer AZZ, and marine-fuel distributor Aegean Marine Petroleum Network.

Have We Hit a Bottom?


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