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Inaccurate Sports Commercial Of The Day

In the past, this site has served as a watchdog of sorts for bad sports commercials. We brought up the inaccurate Blackberry Bold commercialand the horribly wrong Sprint spot.

Well, unfortunately for the people at DirecTV, they might want to reconsider making some changes to their "Mega March Madness" package commercial.

Scroll down until you see the video in the TV screen on this pageand see if you notice anything strange.

Reader Brian Lim points out the score at the bottom left has #2 Duke playing #15 Navy. "Duke hasn’t faced Navy in the tournament since 1986 and that was an Elite Eight matchup," Lim says.

Lim also notes that the commercial features a big shot of a scoreboard that has #1 Florida beating #16 Temple. Temple as a No. 16? Please.

These aren't inaccuracies, but we still think they are embarrassing.

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