There Must Be A Pony In Here Somewhere

Sesame Street Explains the Madoff Scandal

Mommy, what's a Ponzi scheme?

Mommy: Well, Jimmy, let's say you have two friends and they each had $50. And each of them had two friends and they each had $50.

Jimmy: Mommy, I don't have any money.

Mommy: OK, well, um ... Let's say you have two friends and they each have two cookies ...

And then the Cookie Monster comes along and ...


A nom nom nom nom ...

In this dramatic re-enactment, Jimmy Kimmel recruits Ernie and the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street to help explain the Madoff Scandalin a recent sketch (see video below).

Tune in next week, when Ernie and Cookie Monster try to explain the AIG mess.

Mommy, where do bonuses come from?

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