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Lost Your Job? Turn It Into a Dream Vacation

Lost your job, home and/or trophy wife?


Just because you’re unemployed doesn’t mean you have to spend your days wrapped in a gin-soaked Snuggie watching Oprah.

Why not go to the Caribbean and take a nice long walk on the beach with the trade winds blowing in your freshly unemployed hair? Or turn the lemons life’s handed you into limoncello on Italy’s Amalfi Coast?

Endless Vacation Rentals, a division of Wyndham Worldwide with properties in more than 100 countries, is offering a contest: Tell them your funniest hard-luck story in 100 words or less and you could win a dream vacation.

“We want to change someone’s hard-luck story into a great vacation,” said Geoff Ballotti, CEO of EVR parent RCI.

The top 25 funniest entries will be published on their Web site, and visitors to the site will get to vote for their favorite. The grand-prize winner will get a one-week vacation rental valued at up to $2,500, plus a $1,500 Visa gift card. The second-place winner will get a one-week rental valued at up to $1,500. Winners will be announced May 13.

Hey, Rick Wagoner — You went from being CEO of the world’s largest auto maker, General Motors, to getting fired by the president of the United States. Hilarious! You should totally apply.

They even have a few properties up in Bellaire, Michigan. Maybe you can hide out there until the paparazzi are done trampling your landscaping.

Might want to bring your Snuggie, though. It gets nippy up there!

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