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Bernie Madoff's Mets' Tickets Sold on eBay For $7,500

Bernie Madoff's two tickets for Opening Day at the Mets new stadium Citi Field have sold on eBay for $7,500.

The tickets for Monday's game in the Delta Club Platinum level were auctioned off by trustee Irving Picard.

The tickets might have been Madoff's best investment yet. The face value of the tickets are $525 each, meaning the trustee's return on investment was 614 percent.

But that profit of course represents only a small percentage of money that will eventually be seen by investors who lost so much in the ponzi scheme.

It appears as though the tickets themselves had a premium value associated with it because of Madoff's name. A pair of two tickets near the Madoff seats can be had on StubHub for less than $2,000.

This is despite the fact that the tickets themselves, as pictured in the auction, don't have Madoff's name on it.

Instead, they have "Sterling" on it, the real estate investment company whose executives, Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz, own the Mets.

Although Wilpon's name is listed 22 times on Madoff's client list, and it's possible that Madoff's connection with Sterling was worth in the $300 million range, the Mets have said that it won't affect their ownership status.

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