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Options Go Bearish on Emerging Market Stock

David Russell|writer, OptionMonster

Emerging markets have significantly outperformed U.S. stocks over the past month, and some options traders are positioning for a pullback.

In a single transaction, a large investor purchased 20,000 September 30 puts in the MSCI Emerging Markets exchange traded fund for $2.79, according to OptionMonster's monitoring system. The trade dwarfed the strike's existing open interest of 754 contracts.

The ETF has rallied almost 15 percent in the past month, compared with a 9 percent gain for the S&P 500. Investors may be looking to hedge recent profits or bet on a pullback after the index leapt Monday above $30, its highest price since early October. EEM is up 1.3 percent to $31.22 in midday Wednesday trading.


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