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Driving Your Dream Car

The past year has been a rocky time for the US auto industry, but the high-end has been more insulated from the recession. Automobili Lamborghini, owned by the Volkswagen group, recently announced that it actually experienced 1 percent sales growth for 2008, when orders increased to 2,430 from 2,406 the year prior.

A new breed of companies is looking to tap this demand by making the high-end, turbocharged experience more affordable. One company, New York-based Gotham Dream Cars, maintains a fleet of 18 super cars and offering a range of products, from exotic rentals and club memberships, to the increasingly popular "Dream Car" tours—a six-hour, 150-mile journey allowing drivers to experience multiple cars in a single day.

There are similar companies across the country. Rent A Vette has operated in Las Vegas for 28 years, and Gotham founder Noah Lehmann-Haupt calls it the originator of the dream-car tour. A newer player in the market is DFW Dream Cars, an elite auto rental in Texas.

Here's how this lucrative, high-end business operates and what goes in to a "Dream Car" tour. Click ahead to check it out!

By Paul Toscano & Oliver Quillia
Posted 8 May 2009