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Recession Drives Moms to Drink, Do Drugs and Gamble

OK, don’t panic but moms, typically the rock of the family during a crisis, are starting to crack under the recession pressure.

Tequila Shot

A recent survey showed moms are overwhelmed with financial pressures that have escalated since the economic downturn began.

One in three moms surveyed by and the Insight Research Groupthis spring said they have turned to a vice such as overeating, drinking, drugs and/or gambling to cope with the stress.

Two-thirds said they feel intensely negative emotions, resulting in arguing, fits of crying and frustration as they worry about the state of the world, how to pay the bills, etc.

Nearly 9 out of 10 moms said they sacrificed buying something for themselves in order to keep buying nice things for their kids.

And guys, listen up: If you think this isn’t your problem, think again. One in four moms said they’re having less sex with their partners as a result of the economic stress.

Can you hear me now?

But don’t worry,, a Web site for moms to swap stories and get advice, has put together a Recession Survival Guide to help moms get through the slump.

Among their survival tips:

  • Tag-Team Shop.Shop at Costco, Sam’s or other wholesale clubs with friends to split bulk items and save money.
  • Start a Neighborhood Walk Party.Take turns with neighbors, watching their kids while they walk, and vice versa. If you feel better physically, it will help you feel better emotionally.
  • Date-Night Swap.Apply the same concept to date night: Avoid babysitter fees by taking turns watching the neighbors' kids so all of you can get some much-needed alone time with your spouse.
  • Start a Summer Camp.Enlist four or more other parents to start a “summer camp,” where each of you takes a turn watching the kids one day a week. It’s a win-win: The kids get to be with their friends and you save money. Plus, you have four other days to get stuff done!
  • For everyone else in the family, maybe it’s time to start helping mom out a little more. Would it kill you to take out the garbage or clean the bathroom once in a while?

    And kids, talk to your parents about drugs. If you don’t, their friends will. Or worse, that guy on the corner.

    Mom, we love you. You know we only want what’s best for you. I just have one question: Where did you learn how to play craps?!

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