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Trading in the Wake of Icahn and Ackman


With the latest wave of disclosures hitting the Street, we’re learning about recent moves made by two billionaires.

Newly disclosed 13-F filings show where Carl Icahn and Bill Ackman are placing big bets. Should you trade in their wake?

Carl Icahn: As you probably know Carl Icahn is a billionaire investor who made his fortune by taking controlling position in big companies, most notably RJR Nabisco, and forcing change.

Forbes estimates his wealth at $9 billion making Icahn the 43rd richest man in the world

How's Icahn Investing?
According to his 13-F filing...
- Raised stake in American Railcar Industries, Lions Gate, Amylin, Take-Two
- Sold stake in Anadarko, Temple-Inland
- Largest holdings: Yahoo, Motorola, Biogen Idec

Icahn's Stocks


Bill Ackman: Born in 1966, Ackman is the founder of Pershing Square Capital Management. He made his fortune as an activist investor who forced companies to improve profitability and cut costs.

His fund owns a 10% stake in Target valued at $4.2 billion.