Sports Biz with Darren Rovell

Where Does Vick Stick?


With Michael Vick out of prison, the guessing game can now begin. If NFL commissioner Roger Goodell reinstates Vick, what owner would dare to sign him?

We can speculate with NFL guys all we want, but to hit the off-the-field ramifications of a team taking on Vick, we dialed up Dr. George Belch, who teaches marketing at San Diego State’s Sports Business MBA program.

Belch said teams that are traditionally considered "renegade" such as the Oakland Raiders and Dallas Cowboys are obviously more likely to take a chance on Vick in part because their fans are used to accepting anyone in order to help them win.

“The issue is going to be how much pressure the team gets from special interest groups,” Belch said. “If he’s eligible to play and a team is considering signing him, they also have to think about how they are going to spin this to the media and the fans.”

Belch said Vick’s marketing potential could be tested when he gets out on the field, but that the team should not make any true effort to aggressively market him.

Somehow we think everyone will know what team he signed on with.

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