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Friday Stock Picks: Tobacco, Credit Cards & More…

Peter Andersen of Congress Asset Management Company and Steve Grasso at Stuart Frankel told CNBC how investors can prepare their portfolios for the weekend.


Andersen Likes:

Universal —“It’s a tobacco leaf merchant that pays a 5.5 percent dividend and has been increasing its dividend consistently for almost 40 years,” Andersen told CNBC.

“It’s paying out half its earnings in dividends so they will be pretty robust going forward. And it’s a pretty recession-resistant sector.”

Grasso Likes:

Occidental Petroleum—This is a good stock to own in order to hedge against rising oil prices, said Grasso. “They are more levered to the price of oil than the [other companies]. They don’t have a refining business but a small chemical operation,” he said. “So if oil goes higher, they go higher.”

Visa —“We have a credit card bill being signed, so everyone feared [Visa],” he said. “But I think a lot of the fear is factored in. JPMorgan is switching a lot of its debit card action to Visa versus MasterCard .”

The Credit-Card Bill:


Grasso's clients own shares of Visa, Occidental and MasterCard. Additionally, Grasso owns shares of Visa.

No information was available for Andersen.