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Market Tips: Oil is the New Gold

Global stocks seesawed Friday, but oil prices were on the increase. This week the energy stock reached fresh six-month highs. Experts tell CNBC oil is becoming the new gold.

The Fundamentals of Oil

The recent rise in crude oil prices seems to be independent of the fundamentals of the market, says Azlin Ahmad, editor at Argus Media Singapore.

Oil — The New "Gold"?

Oil is becoming the new "gold", remarks Paul Schulte, MD of Nomura International.

Link Between Dollar & Gold

The inverse relationship between the dollar and gold is returning, notes Sunil Kashyap, MD of Scotia Capital. He discusses gold's safe haven appeal.

Investor Spring Cleaning - A CNBC Special Report

This is Not a "Bimbo Rally"

This rally is absolutely, positively, unquestionably, fundamental, it is not due to some sort of moronic liquidity, believes Paul Schulte, MD of Nomura International.

No Sharp Selloff

A market pullback will be smaller than expected as many see this as a buying opportunity, says Andrew Sullivan, sales trader at MainFirst Securities.

Invest Selectively

Selective investment and a stable portfolio are key to investing, suggests Sean Fenton, director at Tribeca Investment Partners.

Bet on Alternative Investments

As the market is behaving like a "pendulum", Christian Nolting, regional head of portfolio management at Deutsche Bank Private Wealth Management recommends balancing one's portfolio by ramping up alternative investments and bonds. He shares his strategy in this installment of 'Protect Your Wealth'.

Suckers Rally or Investment Opportunity?

"If you have an investment time horizon, equity is attractive here. If you have a trading time horizon, I'm a little skeptical about how things are going to develop over the next 3 to 6 months," John Haynes from Rensburg Sheppards said. "This has been a sucker's rally," Charles MacKinnon from Thurleigh Investment said.