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Market Tips: Time to Buy Soft Commodities

Global stocks fell Tuesday, as the recent rally was dented on reports that North Korea test-fired two short-range missiles. Experts told CNBC they see value in soft commodities but not in base metals.

Bullish on Soft Commodities

Nirgunan Tiruchelvam, equities analyst at RBS, is bullish on soft commodities. He likes palm oil and soy beans, as production shortage and underinvestment allow room for prices to rise further.

Correction Due in Base Metals

A correction is due in the copper, aluminum, tin and nickel markets, forecasts Akhi Kamkolkar, head of futures at Halifax Investments. He tells CNBC he does not expect a correction in the precious metals markets.

What to Buy on Dips

Continue to buy on dips, advises Roger Groebli, executive director at LGT Capital Management.

Hot Sector Picks in India

Choose India's agriculture, infrastructure, consumer and financial sectors over the property counters, suggests Jay Moghe, managing partner at Asian Alternative Consulting.

Is the HK Market Overvalued?

Even though the Hong Kong market has risen 50% from the March lows, it is still not that overvalued relative to where it was in the past, says Michael Langford, senior strategist at Quam Securities.

Smaller HK Banks Outperform Bigger Peers

Smaller Hong Kong banks have outperformed their larger peers, notes Alistair Scarff, head of Asia financial institutions research at Bank of America Securities-Merrill Lynch.

Investing in Smaller Cap Tech Companies

Some small cap technology stocks are the best kept secrets as far as investment goes, according to Guy Feld from Hargreave Hale.  Joining CNBC Tuesday, he gave advice on some of the best small cap tech stocks to invest in.