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Your No-Stock Alternative Investment Portfolio

David Hefty of Cornerstone Wealth Management and Carlos Lowenberg of Lowenberg Wealth management provided suggestions for a "no-stock" alternative investment portfolio.


Hefty Likes:

Third World Currencies — “We can’t ignore that the emerging market trend is in a long-term secular bull market,” Hefty told CNBC. “If you don’t want to own the stocks, a little bit of a safer play is to invest in their currencies. So that as these continue to do well and as currencies rise, it’s a way that investors can take some profits.”

Managed Futures

Real Estate Apartment REITs

Lowenberg Likes:

Life Insurance Products—“They are typically funded with lots of premiums,” said Lowenberg.

Private Companies—“They have done well in the last 20 years,” he said. “More millionaires have made money with private companies.”

Real Estate

Guaranteed Lifetime Income Annuities



No immediate information was available for Lowenberg or Hefty.


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