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Picks of the Day: Int'l Bond Fund and more


Our money advisors offer tips for hedging risk in a rough market:

Tim Maurer, Director of Financial Planning, The Financial Consulate

As the U.S. dollar has fallen in the last week and stands to fall further in the future, take a hard look at an international bond mutual fund like Templeton Global Bond Fund (TGBAX). This fund is really a currency hedge as it buys international bonds in international currencies, so when the dollar goes down it performs even better.

Thomas Meyer, Chairman & CEO, Meyer Capital Group

For an “all-weather, core holding for any portfolio,” check out the Permanent Fund (PRPFX). This fund invests in currencies, bullion, treasuries and large-cap stocks to make an eclectic mix for your portfolio. It has returned 8 percent since 2000 versus negative 5.6 percent for the S&P and only a negative 8 percent last year, versus negative 38 percent for the market.